Coral Gardeners: Our OG SurfDurt Foundation – SurfDurt Sunscreen

Coral Gardeners: Our OG SurfDurt Foundation

OG Top & Coral Gardeners Foundation:

By now you've probably gathered that the tops of SurfDurt correlate to different environmental and social foundations. We give a portion of proceeds to these foundations with every sale, but what do these foundations do? 

Coral Gardeners is the foundation that corresponds to our "OG" SurfDurt. They're a foundation which farms and restores coral reefs throughout the world. So far, Coral Gardeners has planted over 30,000 corals and counting. They've also reached over 200 million people to spread awareness about the importance of healthy reefs. 

Humans have huge negative effects on reefs and marine life. If you've ever been at a beach and smelt that fragrant sunscreen smell wafting through the air, you can be sure that it's spreading through the water and harming marine life as well. One drop of oxybenzone has been found to harm up to a football field of coral reefs. At SurfDurt we're passionate about protecting coral reefs, which is what lead us to make a formula that is has least possible toxicity and is truly the best reef safe sunscreen. We can create the formula that's better for reefs, but we can't do it alone, which is why we partnered with Coral Gardeners, to help in the growing and planting of reefs. 

If you'd like to learn more about Coral Gardeners, or adopt a coral for yourself, do so here. 

Also, if you love watching fish and thriving ecosystems like the rest of us DurtHeads, definitley give their Reef Livestream a watch.