The Inertia: Best Edible Sunscreen – SurfDurt Sunscreen

The Inertia: Best Edible Sunscreen

Pros: It’s edible. It’s also free of synthetic chemicals.

Cons: Thickness and dark color might not be for everyone.

What Is It? Surf Durt got after it with its commitment to the planet. We’ll give ’em that. Aside from its clever spelling of the word dirt, this product is made with 11, food-grade ingredients that you can pronounce – and theoretically eat. So that’s a nice perk. If you’re hungry, and all you have is SurfDurt, you could just eat it. You probably shouldn’t though. While it might be a questionable addition to a meal, SurfDurt maintains that it’s completely free from synthetic chemicals. It does include certified organic ingredients like coconut and avocado oils. Beyond that, its made in America at a solar-powered manufacturing facility.

Does It Work? Yes. Cake that stuff on and try not to lick your lips.

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– By: Chase Scheinbaum