Our Favourites

"Teal Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen in Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

Supporting Action for Clean Water


"Pink Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen in Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

Supports Surf Therapy for Underserved Communities


"Green Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen. In Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

For Planting Trees & Regenerative Agriculture


"It’s seriously the best, my husband and I love it. And it doesn’t make me breakout which is 👌"


"It's reef-safe, organic & solid like lip gloss, so splurt-free. Applies smoothly, soaks in quickly & doesn't sting your eyes. If you want an environmentally friendly sunscreen for surfing, SurfDurt is hard to beat."


“It works really well in Hawaii. I really like the consistency & color. I am so pleased with it & will continue to recommend it.”

-Mikey Redd, Pro Surfer

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