Our Favourites

"Teal Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen in Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

Supporting Action for Clean Water


"Green Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen. In Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

For Planting Trees & Regenerative Agriculture


"Pink Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen in Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

Supports Surf Therapy for Underserved Communities


"It’s seriously the best, my husband and I love it. And it doesn’t make me breakout which is 👌"


"It's reef-safe, organic & solid like lip gloss, so splurt-free. Applies smoothly, soaks in quickly & doesn't sting your eyes. If you want an environmentally friendly sunscreen for surfing, SurfDurt is hard to beat."


“It works really well in Hawaii. I really like the consistency & color. I am so pleased with it & will continue to recommend it.”

-Mikey Redd, Pro Surfer

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