Our Story 2/9/2024

The Original DurtHeads.

SurfDurt started as a dynamic duo, born and raised in the sunshine-soaked land of California, who share a passion for unleashing our inner hooligans in the great outdoors. Meet Nikki, the ocean aficionado who'd rather surf than do just about anything else, and Max, the one who’d rather live in a boat, van or outside in any nook that’s not a house. But here's the kicker: every time we embarked on our outdoor escapades, we faced a dilemma.
You see, we craved sun-soaked adventures while safeguarding our skin, without slathering on chemical-laden concoctions that stung our eyes, smelt like cocktails, and left our hands feeling slippery. Not to mention those pesky acne breakouts that came with the territory!
Then, the bombshell dropped: a staggering 90% of sunscreens on the market are wreaking havoc on our beloved coral reefs. Yes, you read that right – a single drop of these toxic concoctions could harm an equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools of coral reef. It was a jaw-dropping revelation.
We refused to compromise our planet's health in the quest to protect our face. That's when we embarked on our mission to craft a superior sunscreen, one that was as good for you as it was for our oceans.
With guidance from Max's dad, a Ph.D. chemist and avid surfer from Hawaii, and invaluable input from fellow adventurers like you, we embarked on a journey to perfect what we're so proud to call SurfDurt today. SurfDurt boasts the safest active ingredients, led by non-nano zinc oxide, artfully blended with a bounty of antioxidants and high-quality, all-natural, organic components that your skin will love. The result? A sunscreen that's simply superior – for you, your skin, and, of course, our precious oceans.
At SurfDurt, we've pioneered reef-safe sunscreen, offering you the best mineral sunscreen with non-nano zinc as our star ingredient. With our product, you can bask in the sun's glory while taking a stand for the environment. It's a win-win that we're thrilled to share with you.
Join us in our mission to protect what we love – the great outdoors, the ocean's vibrance, and the health of our planet. SurfDurt: Because your adventures deserve the best, and our oceans deserve nothing less.
We like your face, Protect it.

Some of our favorites

"Teal Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen in Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

Supports worldwide initiatives for clean water for everyone


"Green Top" SurfDurt Sunscreen. In Neutral Tan. SPF 30.

Supports Reforestation & helps plant trees